Winfield Volleyball


Due to Covid-19, we are currently not offering any volleyball programs at this time.  Contact Program Director Stacy Trivett for more information.

Beginner clinics are designed for girls age 8-13 who are new to volleyball.  The focus is on developing fundamental volleyball skills through a series of drills and game play.

Intermediate clinics are designed for girls age 10 to 15 who have at least 1-2 years of volleyball experience.  The focus will be on developing more advanced volleyball skills through drills and game-like situations.  An emphasis will be made to increase the knowledge of the game with Individual as well as team skills.

Advanced clinics are designed for girls age 13 to 17 who have at least 2-3 years of volleyball experience.  The focus will be on developing highly competitive volleyball skills through drills and game-like situations.  An emphasis is made to hone individual skills and teach advanced Offensive and Defensive capabilities.

Program Summary

Winfield Cavaliers Volleyball clinics and camps focus on the fundamentals of volleyball through a serious of drills and game like situations.  You will learn individual skills such as forearm passing, overhead passing/setting, spiking, blocking, and serving as well as game skills including serve receive, offense, and defense.  Participants are given positive feedback with a goal of obtaining competitive volleyball skills.


Who can participate?: Any girl between the ages of 8-17 or entering grades 3-12 can participate in our volleyball clinics.  No experience necessary!  Learn a new sport, perfect your existing skills, or prepare for High School Tryouts!  Our clinics will be conducted based on 3 levels depending on age and experience of participants.  Beginner – ages 8-12 (new to volleyball), Intermediate – ages 11-15 (experienced in league or club), and Advanced (extensive experience or of age) – ages 13-17.

What should I wear/bring?: Please wear athletic ”court” shoes (running shoes not recommended) and athletic clothing that you can move, bend and run in.  Knee pads are recommended but not required.  Please also bring a large water bottle and healthy snack each day.

Program Personnel

Coach Stacy Trivett, Program Director and Head Coach, has 12 years volleyball coaching experience.  She also offers a variety of clinics and personalized coaching through Speedy Volleyball.  Coach Stacy has coached for South Carroll High School, Liberty High School, Speedy Volleyball, Carroll Vipers Volleyball Club (CVVC), and Freedom Volleyball.

Current and Former High School Volleyball Players will volunteer to demonstrate skills and mentor our participants providing them with personalized attention and one-on-one instruction.

For additional information or to be added to our email list, contact Stacy Trivett.